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Aarhus Derby Danes on Facebook

G'morgen! Det er endnu en af vores spillere. Så fedt at ADD er repræsenteret på det danske landshold 😛🙌 ...

Name: Keller Number: 16 Position: Blocker Where are you from: Aarhus #ThisIsDerbyDenmark is our attempt to tell the world about who this team is, and what we stand for. What does "Derby Denmark" mean to you? It’s means that you can be yourself and be a part of a strong team. We embrace everyone and give room to be who you are. How has playing derby impacted your life? I feel like I use all my spare time on derby and it’s all worth it. I have met my love trough derby and I love that we can do all these adventures together with derby. Being on the national team with her is really cool. How do you feel about going to World Cup? I’m proud of representing my small league on the national team. I am amazed of what we can accomplish together. We keep getting better and grow as a team - and going to the World Cup is going to be so much fun! Emoji: 🥐️❤️👭⚓️🐙 #rollerderby #blocker #rollerderbyworldcup2018 #rdwc2018 #thisisderbydenmark

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