Aarhus’ very own Flat Track Roller Derby League

Aarhus Derby Danes originally started as Aarhus Derby Dolls which was a small group of passionate girls in late 2009. Their interest was woken due to a radio show about Copenhagen Roller Derby which, at that time, was brand new. They had just started a few months earlier with Amy aka. Ana Killingspree as their coach. Amy is an experienced roller derby player from USA, living in DK at that time. Amy agreed to coach Aarhus Derby Danes as well, and did that for 6 month, introducing us to the infinite world of Roller Derby. ADD is forever grateful to Amy. The first training location was a trashy but cozy hall in the harbor with concrete floor used by the Roller Hockey Club of Aarhus. After two years the hall was torn down and we and the guys moved to a new place with almost the same conditions. Aarhus Derby Danes helped shine up the place and made it their own. Since then they have been training twice a week with their two coaches Krispy Kris and Arachna. Further ADD has a weekly open beginners practice with the coach T-Roll. Aarhus Derby Danes had their first Bout experience in August 2012 against Copenhagen Roller Derby’s Kick Ass Cuties and have since played bouts regularly with teams from Germany, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
Aarhus Derby Danes had 5 team members trying out for the National Team. This ambition makes us very proud and we hope of many more players and Bouts to come in the near future.

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I sidste weekend var to af vores skatere (Nelle & Kirsten) med det danske landshold (Team Denmark Roller Derby) til Road to Manchester turneringen i Wales.
Stort tillykke til hele holdet med de flotte resultater - der bestod i sejre over Norge og Tyskland - samt meget tætte kampe mod Irland, Scotland og Wales. Dansk roller derby blev for alvor smidt på europa kortet. Vi er stolte af at have to spillere på det danske landshold.
PS. Nelle blev desuden kåret til tournament MVP!

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